Cultural Agenda of Pla de l'Estany

Festivities and fairs of Pla de l'Estany region (Girona) 

Mata-Porqueres. "Arribada dels Reis". Day 5 of January
Banyoles. Sant Antoni Abat´s Festivity -horse procession and animals blessing-. Weekend nearest the 17th of January.
Olives. "Aplec de Sant Mer". Sunday later of 27th of January.

Esponellà. Candelera Festivity. 1st saturday of february
Crespià. Fair of Honey. The last weekend of february
Banyoles. Carnival. Saturday before 1st day of Quaresma
Mata-Porqueres. Carnival. Sunday before 1st day of Quaresma

Banyoles. Procesion of dels Dolors with Manaies. Friday before Sunday of Branches
Mata. Benedict the Branches. Sunday of Branches

Banyoles. Fair of Cop d´Ull. Monday of Easter and 16th of August
Fontcoberta. Fair of Snails. The last sunday of April
Cornellà de Terri. "Plantada de l´abre del Maig i Ball del Cornut".

Crespià. Excursion to Mare de Déu del Mont. Sunday of Easter Florida
Banyoles. Exposition of flowers in the Old District of Banyoles. The last weekend of May
Porqueres. Main festivity of the Porqueres village.

Banyoles. Bricklayer Festivity. Saturday nearest of 13th of June
Fontcoberta. Festivity of "del Segar i Batre". 3rd sunday of June
Les Pedreres (Porqueres). Festivity of Sant Joan. 23 de june

Banyoles. "Aplec de la Sardana". 1rst Sunday of July

Banyoles. Festivity of la Mare de Déu d´Agost. 15th and 16th of August
Mata. "Gales de Mata". 4th weekend of August

Besalú. "Besalú medieval". 1rst weekend of September
Banyoles. swim in the Banyoles lake.

Esponellà. Fair of Pumpkin. 1rst weekend of October
Cornellà de Terri. Garlic Fair. 2nd weekend of October
Banyoles. Main Festivity of Sant Martirià. Saturday before 24th of October if it is not a Saturday

Banyoles. Fair of Sant Martirià and Firestany. 3rd weekend of November
Mata. Festivity of Sant Andreu de Mata. Sunday nearest 30th of November

Mata-Porqueres. Winter Fair. From 6th to 8th of Desember
Mata. "Missa del Gall". Day 24th of Desember
Fontcoberta i Vilavenut. A Real Nativity scene (the "pessebres"). 24th and 26th of Desember
Banyoles. Competition of Nativity scene (the "pessebres"). from 24th of Desember to 6th of January