7 km. from Can Xargay


It´s located in "el Pla de l´Estany" region.

In Serinyà, the best site in Western Europe is preserved to know the passage from Neanderthal man to modern man, distributed in three areas: the most outstanding is the place of El Reclau, where the Parc de les Prehistoric Caves. The other two are the Bora Gran d'en Carreres area and the Margenera area. The whole set constitutes a prehistoric sequence that, all over the world, can only be found in exceptional places.

During the Paleolithic, the inhabitants of the Reclau area had to endure a glacial climate and took refuge in caves. From the Neolithic, with a climate similar to the current one, the caves are used again sporadically: humans already lived in villages and practiced agriculture and livestock.