Carles Fontserè Studio Workshop

5 km. from Can Xargay


Retreat of a unique creator: The Carles Fontserè Studio workshop displays a part of the legacy of one of the most representative artists of the 20th century in Catalonia. Carles Fontserè's long career as a versatile artist encompassed various fields of the arts throughout his passionate life, such as painting and stage design. He was particulary adept in the fields of poster art and illustration during the Second Republic and the Spanish Civil War and then later in the field of photography.

A guided tour of the studio of the versatile artist Carles Fontserè is offered.

Limited capacity. Prior registration required. Price: 4 € (general), 2 € (reduced)

Place: Can Tista (Caselles Davall, Porqueres)

Prior registration: or

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