The Darder Museum and the Archaeological Museum

2 km. from Can Xargay

The Darder museum - A space of interpretation of the lake.
Francesc Darder i Llimona gave to Banyoles village his collection that is in the museum since 1916.

Anthropology´s museum is an example of the kind of museums in the beginning of XX century. It showed a boiximan (repatriated a few years ago) and other human remains. But, the museum has also important fauna and flora collections.

The Pia Almoina was built in 1306 to give bread and clothes to the poor people in the village.

Pia Almoina is a gotic palace built above a romanic building from XII or XII century. Its ground is a very important part because it´s a model of civil catalan gotic.

It is a museum where all the pieces that are found in the prehistoric caves of Serinyà are exposed, there is also the famous Banyoles mandible of the Neanderthal man...

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