Do you want to know what the "smile" in this photo really means? We tell you about it in our visits. That and much more. After a visit to Fundació Mona (it's located 25 km from Can Xargay) you will never see chimpanzees and macaques in the same way again.

Duration of the visit: 1: 30h- 2h.
Hours: to be agreed with the Rehabilitation Center.
Price: € 7 per person.
Limited capacity. It is advisable to make the reservation approximately one month in advance.

To request a visit:

Telephone (+34) 972 477 618 or email: 

The MONA Foundation is not an animal exhibition center, it is only open to the public during guided tours. If a group shows up at the center without a scheduled time, they will not be able to see the animals.