Do you want to know how cheeses are made?

The cheese factory is located in Mas Alba in the town of Terradelles, 15 minutes from Can Xargay. It is designed to make cheeses with house milk and to make an artisanal production that is careful with the environment.

The herd consists of 270 black-mahogany goats from Murcia. They weigh around 40-50 kg and provide a milk production of around 1.8 liters per day. They are fed with products from the farm itself: alfalfa, oats in flower, straw and a mixture of grains (barley, oats, corn, cotton ...), an ideal diet to obtain a high quality milk.

The visit includes:

  • visit the corral and see how goats live.
  • visit the cheese factory, you can go down to the cheese maturation cave.
  • we will end the visit with a tasting.

Hours: 10.30 in the morning. Approximate duration of two hours.


  • visit and tasting € 15
  • tasting € 12

You must book in advance at