20 years!


2000 - 2020

We start this 2020 excited due to the celebration of our 20 years as a holiday villa (2000-2020). 🎉

Thank you for choosing us, thank you for the moments we lived, thank you for the friendships that we have arisen, thanks for letting us to share it with you, and 20 years later, we have the same passion for doing Can Xargay an unforgettable experience. 💙

And for all the groups that will enjoy Can Xargay this 2020, we have prepared a pack of quality products of our region that you can enjoy them during your stay in the house. The pack contains:
- 👉Organic extra virgin olive oil from the organic farming of the argudell variety (the typical of the Pla de l'Estany and the Empordà region) of Mas Auro. Extra quality EQOO (European mark that recognizes the production of oil with a continued quality).
- 👉Crespià honey from the organic farming of the Dolça Abella family business. The transhumance continues to bloom, bringing about 300 colonies of bees, and they provide integrated and sustainable management. - 👉Organic Chocolate 70% cocoa with olive oil and salt flower with Gluten-free of Chocolates Torras.
- 👉60% Cocoa Chocolate with Stevia. Chocolates Torras is one of the first European companies to use Stevia to sweeten chocolate in a healthy and effective way. It is a sweetener extracted from Stevia Rebaudiana which is an original plant in South America known for its sweetening properties.
- 👉Chocolate with milk.

Thanks for these 2️⃣0️⃣ years!
Happy New Year 2020!