5 health and wellness proposals for a healthy life


Cultivating our body is vital to maintaining and preserving our health.

Therefore, we give you 5 health and wellness proposals:

  1. Breathe consciously. Learning to breathe properly has multiple benefits for day to day life as it can improve our quality of life and physical and intellectual performance. At Can Xargay you can enjoy the mindfulness workshop.
  2. Stroll through healthy forests. The "forest baths" is a relaxed activity with a therapeutic function that helps you escape from daily stress and immerses you in a climate of peace and tranquility surrounded by nature. In Can Xargay you can enjoy the forest baths.
  3. Relaxing massages. Relaxing massages are one of the small pleasures of life but they also have a therapeutic function because they manage to relieve tension and create a mental state of relaxation through gentle movements and pressures. Read our wellness section.
  4. Balanced diet. Eating a balanced diet is synonymous with having a balanced life and therefore it is crucial to take care of our diet to keep our body strong and mind healthy. The Mediterranean diet is ideal for living a healthy life with the best possible diet.
  5. Play sports. Cycling, hiking, horse riding, canoeing, rowing ... etc. The rural house Can Xargay has the ideal environment for sports as it is only 100 meters from the greenway and only 2 km. of the area of ​​natural interest of the Lake of Banyoles.

The holiday house Can Xargay promotes health and wellness tourism.