A love story: Girona, cyclists and coffee


The province of Girona is a paradise for road cycling fans. Its winding roads conceal great routes for exploring the entire area 

It’s easy to understand why cyclists and coffee have professed undying love for each other. Apart from the pleasurable experience of drinking a good cup of coffee, it also gives you the buzz that you need at times to cycle at a cheeky pace, or link up a few mountain passes. Now imagine having this coffee with a piece of freshly baked cake, surrounded by fellow cyclists as you soak up the both cosmopolitan and genuinely local atmosphere. Welcome to Girona, one of the cities with the highest ratio of cycling cafés per inhabitant.

By the way, when it comes to ordering your coffee here ask for a cafè sol (espresso), cafè amb llet (latte) or tallat (espresso with a dash of milk).

Hincapie Loop (Former road racing cyclist): "I would recommend riding in the Costa Brava as I truly believe it is one of the best places to ride in Europe. There are mountains, beaches, tons of roads and friendly people. That’s why you see so many professional cyclists living there."

Johnny Weltz (Sports director for Antiga Casa Bellsolà Girona Cycling Team and a former professional road racing cyclist.): "If a place has all the right conditions then it simply becomes popular"

Here are 9 ideal routes for road cyclists, which you’re bound to remember: put on your cycling kit and pedal your way through the Costa Brava and the Girona Pyrenees!