Carla Bruni and her guitar made in the village of Mata


A family guitar workshop, in the village of Mata (Guitarres Camps), makes the guitar that the singer Carla Bruni uses on her third album.

Carla Bruni presents the album "Comme si de rien n'était" (As if nothing had happened) and tries to leave the pages of society where her relationship with Nicolas Sarkozy has taken her and return to those of culture. And he does so with an album with thirteen songs in French and one in English, with far no more weapons than his voice and a guitar in his hands. A guitar made in the village of Mata (municipality of Porqueres, in Pla de l'Estany), in the workshop of Guitarres Camps, a family business that at just over 60 years old has become a reference for luthiers from all over the world. world.

Currently, Guitarres Camps manufactures more than 30 models of guitars - ranging from classical guitar to flamenco, to electroacoustics - and exports instruments to other countries. In France alone, a hundred stores distribute their products.

And Bruni is not the only one, on the list of musicians who use one of the instruments of the Camps are Manuel Granados, the Gipsy Kings or Mecano.

Also, at the closing ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, the rumba group Los Manolos appeared on the stage of the Lluís Companys stadium with white guitars to sing the popular "Amigos para siempre". Those instruments had also been made by Guitarres Camps de Mata.