Quality holiday house in Girona with 4 spikes (superior category)


The holiday rural house Can Xargay has been awarded the category 4 wheat ears (superior category) by the Generalitat de Catalunya thanks to an excellent level of equipment and wide range of services.

Some of the aspects that are valued are the architectural value of the house, the interior spaces, the furniture, marketing conditions, services and family activities, in the natural and cultural environment that are offered to the people housed.

The graphical representation of the spike is used to visually and quickly identify the level of services of the establishment. Thus, the category of this one is established by the number of spikes (from one to five):

  • Basic: represented with 1 wheat ears. Rooms and equipment essential for the stay.
  • Comfort: represented with 2 wheat ears. Good level of rooms and equipment.
  • Great Comfort: represented with 3 wheat ears. Very good level of rooms and equipment.
  • Superior: represented with 4 wheat ears. Excellent level in rooms and equipment and wide range of services. Unique building.
  • Superior Premium: represented with 5 wheat ears. Exceptional level in rooms and equipment. Emblematic building and space.

This certification system seeks to make it easier for the traveler to find the most suitable accommodation tailored to their needs.

Can Xargay is one of the ten holiday houses categorized with 4 wheat ears on the Costa Brava and one of the forty in Catalonia.