Therapy and massage with chocolate


Chocolate therapy: an integral well-being cure for the body and the soul.

Chocolate therapy involves spreading a thin layer of melted chocolate over the area to be treated. The skin absorbs the revitalizing and moisturizing components of cocoa.

Natural properties of cocoa:

  • Physical: it has an antioxidant and restorative effect, comforts the body, delays skin aging and activates circulation.
  • Mental: cocoa improves mood and eliminates fatigue thanks to phenethylamine (a substance that generates a feeling of energy and joy) and its sweet taste causes an increase in the level of serotonin (a substance present in neurons).

Getting a massage is one of the little pleasures of life. Imagine closing your eyes, relaxing, letting yourself be transported to another place ... Body and mind merge into one. You like it, don't you? Well, in the holiday house Can Xargay (in Girona) you can enjoy a massage with chocolate. See our wellness section.