Can Xargay

Delve into our history. Breathe the air of ancient experiences.

Can Xargay is a millenary farmhouse of XI century whose antique name was Mas Bratlle.
It´s the big house of this neighbourhood, the other houses were little farmhouses.

Pagès-Bratlle´s family lived in the house during a lot of centuries. This family was very rich because they were owners of the village´s lands.

More than 2 centuries ago, the family of the Homestead Bratlle constructed a new house in the same village and the farmhouse was rented to the family Xargay.
At halves of the 20th C., the family Bratlle went to live in Barcelona and their properties slowly kept on being sold to several farmers.

Then, the family Xargay bought the farmhouse where many generations had already lived.

Over the centuries, the farmhouse has undergone reforms such as the construction of an adjoining farmhouse. The place where the barbecue is now, it used to be an oven where the farmers of Can Bratlle used to bake bread.
The farmhouse, even, had a secret room where the only entrance to this room was under a single bed. Today, this hiding room is integrated into the living room.

Nowadays, the farmhouse is adapted to the tourism with all the comforts. All its walls are the original ones as well as the stone vaults on the ground floor. Inside the farmhouse you can enjoy a special silence in the middle of its thick stone walls that are warm in winter and cool in summer.

With you the story continues...

  • Can Xargay. Year 1960's

    Can Xargay. Year 1960's

  • Xargay's siblings. Year 1940

    Xargay's siblings. Year 1940