Body wellness

ANTI-STRESS: You will release muscular tensions through the technique of massage, coupled to the properties of hazelnut oil, rich in vitamin A and minerals, and essential oils from juniper, eucalyptus and marigold, highly contracture and pain relieves. A relaxing and sedative therapy with effects over the nervous system. 30 or 50 minutes.

REVITALIZING MASSAGE: Discover an extraordinary sensory world through geranium and rosemary oils which have revitalizing effects, and help to eliminate the effect of tired legs. A therapy that relaxes your skin and stimulates your microcirculation. 40 minutes.

WAY TO THE PARADISE: Ease your emotional and physical tensions, the stress, the headaches,… You will experience a pleasant wellness feeling. A massage for those with too many responsibilities and brain activity. A bath with scents of lavender, neroli and petit grains will take you to another world. 30 or 50 minutes.

SWEET SEDUCTION: Let yourself travelling to the cacao and guarana world through a delicious coating which nourishes and reshapes the silhouette. A relaxing, antioxidant and anticellulite treatment, which also gives softness and warmth to your skin. Its unique texture and the heating effect provide a pleasant wellness feeling since the initial moment. 75 minutes.

MEDITERRANEAN BREEZE: You will be seduced by our land scents with a revitalizing and tonifying massage, combined with an exfoliation to moisture and nourish the skin thanks to the properties of Mediterranean fruits and plants such as lemon and rosemary. A unique experience to relax your body and mind, while providing to you vitamins and hydration. 60 minutes.

VOLCANIC WARMTH: Feel the magic and the proximity of the Garrotxa volcanoes through the volcanic stones warmth. Get a deep relaxation with the combination of hot and cold stones, while they increase microcirculation and cell metabolism. A treatment that improves the resistance and increases the physical, emotional and mental balance. 50 minutes.

EXOTIC AIRS: Discover exotic airs travelling around warn African countries with the incense, to the great pharaohs country with geranium, and to the most tropical forest with scents of rosewood. An exotic mix with rejuvenating, antidepressant and tonifying properties that reduces nervous tension. 75 minutes.

WIND CARESS: Strength the muscular system, revitalize the immune system and remove toxins from your body through the lymphatic drainage technique. Get a pervasive welfare state with a great sense of lightness and relaxation. A technique suitable for skins with fluid retention, cellulite, fatigue or stress. 60 minutes.

THE DIONIS DESIRE: The high content of active components and polyphenols make it an essential ingredient in antioxidant and anti-aging SPA programmes. It prevents the formation of free radicals and delays the appearance of aging signs. Grapes were already used in ancient Rome as a rejuvenating component which was also a symbol of gods. 50 minutes.

FRUITHERAPY: Peach, kiwi, orange and lemon are the fruits contained in this treatment. A powerful cocktail of vitamins A+C+E which is recommended before and after the summer, as it repairs the damage caused by sun radiations. In particular during the summer due to its carotene content, which promotes melanin synthesis and boosts tanning. 50 minutes.

YOGURTHERAPY: Highly nourishing based on yogurt and micronised clay. For all skin types, it provides in-depth cleansing, together with a balancing and reaffirming effect. Thanks to its active principles such as lactose, proteins, lipids, minerals and vitamins, yogurt already appeared in the ancient Greek beauty treatments as a highly-valued cosmetic product. 60 minutes.