Body wellness

A real experience for the senses through very complete body treatments that treat and repair the skin and bring well-being.


ANTI-STRESS: You will release muscular tensions through the technique of massage, coupled to the properties of hazelnut oil, rich in vitamin A and minerals, and essential oils from juniper, eucalyptus and marigold, highly contracture and pain relieves. A relaxing and sedative therapy with effects over the nervous system. Price 35€ (30 minutes) or 53€ (50 minutes).

SWEET SEDUCTION: Let yourself travelling to the cacao and guarana world through a delicious coating which nourishes and reshapes the silhouette. A relaxing, antioxidant and anticellulite treatment, which also gives softness and warmth to your skin. Its unique texture and the heating effect provide a pleasant wellness feeling since the initial moment. 75 minutes. Price: 70€

MEDITERRANEAN BREEZE: You will be seduced by our land scents with a revitalizing and tonifying massage, combined with an exfoliation to moisture and nourish the skin thanks to the properties of Mediterranean fruits and plants such as lemon and rosemary. A unique experience to relax your body and mind, while providing to you vitamins and hydration. 60 minutes. Price: 55€

VOLCANIC WARMTH: Feel the magic and the proximity of the Garrotxa volcanoes through the volcanic stones warmth. Get a deep relaxation with the combination of hot and cold stones, while they increase microcirculation and cell metabolism. A treatment that improves the resistance and increases the physical, emotional and mental balance. 50 minutes. Price: 60€

WOOD THERAPY: Massage with natural woods that transmit vibrations and harmony with nature. Impressive results are obtained: it treats localized fat, minimizes fluid retention, stimulates elastin production, tones and oxygenates tissues. A stimulating and deep massage that relaxes the nervous system. 60 minute session. Price: 55€ 

WIND CARESS: Strength the muscular system, revitalize the immune system and remove toxins from your body through the lymphatic drainage technique. Get a pervasive welfare state with a great sense of lightness and relaxation. A technique suitable for skins with fluid retention, cellulite, fatigue or stress. 60 minutes. Price: 60€


All services are offered by Sandra Xargay, a licensed physiotherapist (number 11.452) in Can Xargay wellness center.  All products used are 100% natural and with ecological certificates in which nature is the maximum exponent.

Attention: For spa treatments appointments, it's necessary to book at least 15 days in advance to ensure availability at: or by WhatsApp at (+34) 634 500 951