Complete body wellness

ORIENT SECRETS: Practice based exclusively on your needs, skin lipid accumulations and imperfections will be treated. You will get a thin and deeply moisturized skin. Your body will be restructured with a coating made of fucus extract, with draining and purifying effects, and horsetail. A mix that reactivates blood circulation. 85 minutes.

MAGIC DREAMS: Practice of complete body and mind evasion, where your skin will get a special beauty while recovering its brightness. You will relieve stress and nervous tensions thanks to lavender, petit grains and ylang ylang properties. This is followed by a profound hydration and a thorough massage. 85 minutes.

ETERNAL YOUTH: Practice of textures and sensory experiences, restoring the natural beauty of the skin with an exfoliation, followed by a massage and a body mask based on Indian pennywort, sandalwood, rosewood and incense, which will provide you of flexibility and firmness. 85 minutes.