5 tips that every cyclist should do in Girona


If you are planning a Girona cycling holiday this tips are essencial.

1. Explore Girona's old town by bike

Girona has one of the best preserved city walls and medieval quarters in the whole of Europe. The cathedral is a masterpiece and is the cathedral with the widest Gothic nave in the world. So there’s lots of history, beautiful buildings, twisty streets and places to explore.

2. Climb Rocacorba mountain and other 360º cycling routes from Banyoles

Without a doubt, Rocacorba is the most famous of Girona’s cycling climbs. The start of the ascent is only 3 km from the Can Xargay house.

One of the other must-dos we always recommend to our guests is to ride in a different direction out of Banyoles each day. That way you can get a taste of the amazing different landscapes we have in each direction. For this reason, we propose different cycling routes through the province of Girona.

3. Stay in a cyclist-friendly holiday home in Girona province

Can Xargay is a holiday home located in Banyoles (only 15 km. from Girona city) which caters really well for cyclists and it's certified by Bikefriendly. It has got a space to keep the bike, tools and an universal pumb with gauge for bikes and more on. Discover all the bike facilities.

4. Visit Girona by bike in spring and autumn.

People come to Girona to cycle throughout the year (in a normal year!). We see people on training camps visiting throughout March, April, May, June, September and October. The months of July and August are hot and people are often on their family holidays, so there are probably less serious road cyclists around.

5. Rent your dream bike

There are different cycle shops in Girona that they can bring the bikes in the holiday house Can Xargay. All bikes are possible: MTB, road bikes, gravel bikes or electric bikes.

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